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About Pendulum

Pendulum is a company deeply inspired by mission, motivated by solving hard technical problems, and obsessed with empowering our customers. These core tenets started with co-founders Mark Listes and Sam Clark’s vision of disrupting the threat that harmful narratives pose on society every day, and they are now shared by each member of the Pendulum team. We strive to bring leading-edge technology to fight one of today’s most impactful problems.

Our Team

Mark Listes

CEO, Co-founder

Sam Clark

Head of Data Science, Co-founder

Ammar Harris

VP of Engineering

Nikolay Trandev

VP of Product

Daniel Zhu

Data Scientist

Hope Cochran

Board Member

Victoria Romero, Ph.D.

Strategic Advisor

Abdurrahman Elbuni

Lead Data Engineer

Sarah Solbrig

Senior Manager of Customer Insights

Tristin Beckman

Senior Applied Scientist

DeAnna Boiani

Software Engineer

Felicia Jiang

Software Engineer II

Todd Forsman

VP of Business Development


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